Climate alarmism creates potential for US food insecurity as anti-farm sentiment grows

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Stephanie Nash, a fourth generation independent American dairy farmer, said newly proposed Biden administration climate initiatives foster anti-farmer sentiment and will put America’s food supply at risk.

“Americans are feeding into this lie that climate change is because of agriculture and climate change is not going to get better until farmers and ranchers do better. Well, if you continue to kill off our food supply and our American farmers, yeah, we’re not going to have enough food,” she told Fox News.

Last week the Biden administration introduced the “Inflation Reduction Act,” a bill that the White House eventually admitted will do little to reduce inflation. The act would spend $369 billion on climate change goals, aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

Nash fears this legislation will mirror initiatives that have been passed in Europe and under consideration in Canada, especially if legislated restrictions are placed on nitrogen emissions.

Starting in late June, farmers gathered across the Netherlands in the tens of thousands to protest their country’s new environmental proposals. The ruling coalition of the Netherlands voted in favor of a proposal that would cut down on pollution emissions, primarily nitrogen oxide and ammonia, by 50 percent across the country by 2030.

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