Climate Protesters Interrupting New York Met Opera Get a Rude Awakening When the Curtain Drops and Security Shows Up

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One of the most infuriating parts about living in this hyper-charged, partisan world is that it’s almost impossible to have an actual, substantive discussion about anything even slightly polarizing.

Any topic of discussion that’s remotely uncomfortable typically devolves into ad hominem attacks and people just end up angrier — not more enlightened — about whatever issue is at hand.

Take, for example, the topic of climate change.

Try, if you can, to ignore how charged of a topic that is for a moment, and just take the concern at its face value: We should absolutely be good stewards of the one earth that God has given us.

That should be inarguable, and it is absolutely worth discussing how to best accomplish that without adversely affecting the quality of life for swathes of people at a time.

The problem, then, is that whenever the left tries to start these difficult conversations, they do so in the most contemptible, obnoxious (and usually idiotic) way imaginable — typically not a great way to start any conversation, let alone a difficult one.

A recent example of this came on Thursday when climate protesters crashed the Metropolitan Opera in Manhattan, New York, according to The New York Times.

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