Clip of John Fetterman Goes Viral for What Came Out of His Mouth When He Tried to Say ‘Water’

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Pennsylvania voters, rejoice. Your newly elected senator is hard at work making sure you have clean drinking work.

No, not water — at least if you listen to him. In an event at a Philadelphia water treatment plant with President Joe Biden on Friday, Democratic Sen. John Fetterman — whose ability to do the job after experiencing a stroke just before the primary became an issue on the campaign trail — yet again demonstrated his unfitness for his new role by searching for the word “water” and ending up at “work” instead.

During Biden’s remarks, the president said Fetterman had “been a great partner, pal. And you’ve only been there exactly one month. But you’ve been a fighter not only for Pittsburgh but for the whole country,” according to a White House transcript.

It’s unclear whether he meant Philadelphia — you know, the Pennsylvania city the two were actually in — but that was honestly the least of everyone’s troubles at the event.

Instead, Fetterman demonstrated why Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, the state and the country don’t exactly have a man fighting with all his might for their interests. Watch the cringeworthy clip below:

To some, the moment was disconcerting.

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