CNN Anchor Gives Birth on Bathroom Floor After Surprise 13-Minute Labor

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CNN anchor Kasie Hunt gave birth to a baby girl at her home Wednesday — one day before a scheduled cesarean section.

The 37-year-old now-mother of two relied on her husband, Matthew Mario Rivera, to help deliver the baby on the floor of their bathroom after the network anchor unexpectedly went into labor.

The couple said they did not even have time to call for help and instead handled the delivery themselves.

They explained to People how their daughter, Grey Hunt Rivera, came into the world.

“Grey was born at home, early Wednesday morning, after 13 minutes of sudden labor — before there was even time to call the paramedics. Dad sprang into action and delivered baby Grey on the bathroom floor,” Hunt told the magazine.

The couple said they are excited to have a new addition to their family — as is their 3-year-old son, Mars.

”We are thrilled to announce the birth of our baby girl, Grey Hunt Rivera,” Hunt and Rivera said in a statement. “Proud big brother [Mars] can’t stop talking about his new baby sister.”

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