CNN and Disney-Owned ABC News Are Trying to Get Involved in the GOP Primary: Report

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Could Mickey Mouse and Wolf Blitzer team up to moderate a Republican primary debate anytime soon?

Probably not, but the Disney-owned ABC News and the Warner Bros. Discovery-owned CNN networks are, in fact, reportedly angling to get in on those debates, according to a new report from Politico.

Citing three unnamed people who were familiar with these discussions, Politico revealed that the Republican primary debates may extend beyond Wednesday’s debate in Alabama — a debate that, for now, is the final scheduled debate of the GOP primary.

According to the report, it does appear that ABC News has a more concrete idea of what it wants to do for these hypothetical GOP primary debates.

The Disney-owned news network “is considering” hosting a GOP primary debate “just ahead” of the Jan. 23 primary in New Hampshire.

Network officials are eyeing St. Anselm College in New Hampshire as the site for this debate.

A walk-through of the venue for network executives and the New Hampshire Republican Party was slated for today, though it’s unclear if that walk-through happened.

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