CNN correspondent documents getting robbed in San Francisco 'in under 4 seconds' during assignment about 'rampant street crime'

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On Friday, CNN Senior National Correspondent Kyung Lah’s rental car was robbed in San Francisco, and it took the thieves less than 4 seconds to smash the vehicle’s rear window and run off with one of her bags as well as one of CNN Producer Jason Kravarik’s bags.

Lah tweeted that she “Got robbed. Again” despite having hired private security to watch the vehicle. She added, “Security stopped the jerks from stealing other bags. But seriously- this is ridiculous.”

“Our hired security guard tried to grab the crooks (I’m glad he didn’t get hurt!) but he got this picture of the getaway car. To the jerks who stole our stuff— I hope someone on this site sees your plate and you get caught,” Lah added.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who held a 36 percent approval rating in October of last year but is the highest paid mayor in the country, led the “defund the police” charge in 2021. Since then violent crime has spiked, such as an increase in rapes by 9.5 percent and assault is up 12 percent and overall crime has increased 7.4 percent in San Francisco compared to 2021.

“So maybe having police & arresting criminals wasn’t such a bad idea after all,” Elon Musk responded.

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