CNN Correspondent Posts New Update on John Fetterman’s Health, But People Aren’t Buying It

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On Tuesday, CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju offered an update on Twitter on the health of Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. John Fetterman that left many people feeling skeptical.

Fetterman suffered a stroke last May just before the Democratic primary — which he won in a landslide.

The severity of the stroke was later revealed during the general election as the state’s then-lieutenant governor struggled with basic communication.

That was no more evident than during his lone debate last fall with GOP nominee Mehmet Oz.

Viewers of the debate witnessed how difficult it was for Fetterman to communicate, even with the assistance of closed-captioning technology.

The race was close, but Fetterman came away as the winner.

His two months in the Senate might have some voters feeling buyer’s remorse, though, as he has spent most of that time hospitalized.

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