CNN Finally Admits What We All Knew About US Economy: Is Its Confession Way Too Late?

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CNN has recently begun to warn its audience that the U.S. economy is not doing well at all — this despite more than a year of stating the opposite. This late admission seems to come far too late to do anything about it at the ballot box for many voters, but, still, it seems to be the most obvious conclusion.

Only a few days ago, for instance, CNN published a story wondering, “Is the US economy ‘unwell?’ We’re about to find out.”

As inflation continues to soar and after suffering under rising costs in food, gasoline, rent and high interest rates for new home buys, the American people are likely screaming in gales of laughter at CNN for only just now noticing Biden’s two years of disastrous economic decisions.

Naturally, CNN has to start its article out with a bald-faced lie, saying that there have been “months” of a strong labor market and economy. This is false. Jobs grew slightly under Biden only because so many were fired during the COVID pandemic and many took second jobs because costs have risen so badly. But even as jobs have not exactly bottomed out, the economy has not been at all “strong.”

Still, CNN does finally note that things are not going very well.

“The latest high-frequency data shows that the consumer could be running out of steam, hiring activity is moderating, business activity is softening, interest-rate sensitive sectors are pulling back and housing is suffering,” the article stated.

CNN goes on to warn that there appears to be a huge swath of job cuts coming in corporate America and that will have serious effects on the economy.

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