CNN Labels Trump Town Hall Host a ‘World-Class Journalist’ After Event Totally Backfires

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CNN’s dumpster fire of a town hall with former President Donald Trump last week was supposed to be where moderator Kaitlan Collins Spoke Truth To Power™ and “fact-checked Trump in real time.”

The network’s brass hasn’t publicly budged from its position that that’s what happened, despite plenty of evidence — internally and externally — that this wasn’t the case.

Mind you, the Trump town hall on Wednesday was a victory of sorts for CNN, which pulled in 3.3 million viewers for the event — easily winning the time slot, according to Hollywood trade publication Deadline.

However, this is the thing about dumpster fires: They do tend to burn very brightly and people can’t help but to watch, but the damage left behind proves that not all attention is good attention. (They also tend to stink.)

It was good for Trump, who went away from the event unbowed and triumphant. Regardless of whether you believed that this was because “fact-checking in real time” didn’t work (leftist commentator Mehdi Hasan’s hypothesis) or that it actually looked more like a moderator trying to pick a fight with a former president over a set of issues most Republican primary voters don’t care about (the take if many on the right), the event showed the former president was still in top pugilistic form.

Mind you, the network still called Collins a “world-class journalist” in the wake of the town hall.

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