CNN removed from Pennsylvania middle school classrooms due to bias

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A school board in Pennsylvania has voted in favor of getting rid of mandatory daily broadcasts of CNN in the classroom, allowing the opportunity for more patriotic content to be shown instead.

The February 14th meeting where the issue was decided on was recorded and made available to watch on YouTube. It provides a snapshot into how local schools debate issues like having CNN in classrooms.

According to Tribute Live, the motion passed with a 5 to 4 vote for Norwin School Board on Monday evening regarding the routine showing of the 10-minute program during the “homeroom” portion of the school day.

Officials agreed to make it a voluntary thing, allowing teachers and students to watch the program if they so wish, or other programs pertaining to specific topics like Veterans Day or the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

“I feel questioning the bias of news source(s) is another way of seeing what is being taught to our children, and it should be reviewed,” one parent said at the school board meeting.

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