CNN Town Hall Totally Backfires as Two Words Trend on Twitter Afterwards

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Whatever reaction CNN was hoping would happen with Wednesday night’s town hall featuring former President Donald Trump, this wasn’t it.

It became apparent right out of the gate that the event, with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins at the mic, was set up as a hit job on the 45th president and his re-election plans.

But judging by the response from Trump supporters, the impact was exactly the opposite.

“Thanks, CNN” isn’t the usual sentiment in MAGA world for the notoriously liberal network. (It’s usually more along the lines of “CNN sucks” — or worse.)

But during the town hall and in the hours after, it was a trending theme for Trump voters on social media.

“Trump just won the presidency. Thanks CNN,” one Twitter user declared shortly after the festivities opened with Trump calling Collins a “nasty person.”

“Donald J. Trump just won his THIRD Presidential Election tonight,” wrote another.

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