Colorado Catholic bishops urge church-going lawmakers who supported pro-abortion bill to 'voluntarily refrain from Holy Communion'

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In April, the Colorado House of Representatives passed the Reproductive Health Equity Act, RHEA, giving women, not the government, control over their bodies.

The news was not met kindly by religious groups, namely Catholics, most of whom take a strict no-abortion stance. On Monday, Catholic bishops from across the state came together and signed an open letter calling on Catholic lawmakers who supported the legislation to “voluntarily refrain from Holy Communion.”

The letter began by decrying Colorado legislators decision to pass RHEA, which they deemed to be “one of the most extreme abortion bills in the country,” and the threat that their state may become a “safe haven” for abortion as others restrict the practice.

“We have a strong desire to discuss the spiritual and cultural impact of laws like RHEA with politicians of both parties who say they are Catholic and who represent people in our state,” the letter continued.

They lamented the fact that several Catholic lawmakers appeared to “support ending the lives of unborn children and declaring that a ‘fertilized egg, embryo or fetus’ has no ‘independent or derivative rights’ in Colorado.”

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