Comedian Alex Stein TROLLS Target by trying on 'Tuck Friendly' bathing suit in store

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Alex Stein, comedian and host of The Blaze’s Prime Time with Alex Stein, put on a suit and tie and took himself to the Pride section of Target to try on “tucking” bathing suits.

He checks the label of the pastel and rainbow colored suit, and it does indeed promise “extra crotch coverage.” He checks in with store employees, who take it all in stride but have the good sense to be at least a little bashful about the undertaking.

Stein enters the dressing room and emerges wearing the “tuck friendly” women’s suit. After a turn before the camera, he takes his new look out to the sales clerks to get their response.

“Extra coverage,” she shows them, “that’s awesome.” They ask if he heard about the product on TikTok.

Stein shows off how well that extra coverage covers his “junk.” While the swimsuit does offer more coverage than a string bikini, there is no mistaking Stein for a woman. He does not pass.

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