Commonwealth Games to allow biological male cyclists to compete in women’s category

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The Commonwealth Games will allow trans women cyclists to compete in its women’s category. The games will take place in Birmingham, England in 2022.

According to Telegraph, a person who once competed in the male category as a male is now “in serious contention to be picked following the green light by authorities.”

That cyclist person has yet to accept a place in competition.

Concerns have been raised by many over the controversial issue, especially after the first-place finish of biological male swimmer Lia Thomas in the NCAA women’s 500 freestyle. Thomas is the first biological male to win a women’s NCAA Division I championship. Thomas has identified as a woman since 2019, prior to which Thomas was on the UPenn men’s swim team.

The Commonwealth Games will defer to competitor’s national governing bodies for cycling as to the testosterone levels required for biological males who identify as women and wish to compete in women’s international cycling. The national governing body for the competitor in question requires that biological male’s testosterone levels must be below 5nmol/L for at least 12 months prior to competition.

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