Company Stands Ground Over Claim That Nasal Spray Treats, Prevents COVID-19

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A lead researcher in a study that showed the use of an all-natural over-the-counter nasal spray is effective in treating and preventing COVID-19 said the U.S. Department of Justice is covering up the truth with a lawsuit it has filed against the Utah company that makes and promotes the spray as a treatment for the disease.

Dr. Mark Cannon, a global researcher in the use of the natural sweetener Xylitol to combat viruses and other serious diseases, emphasized that the use of the Xylitol-based spray made by Xlear, Inc. should be promoted by the government and not be suppressed through a lawsuit.

“Xylitol has a long history of inhibiting a number of respiratory viruses,” Cannon told The Epoch Times, noting it was successfully used in other countries to combat the severe influenza strains of H1N1 and HRSV. He said Xylitol can kill pathogens and has “very strong anti-inflammatory” properties.

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