Conservatives raise MORE than both Liberals and NDP combined in 2022 second quarter

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The Conservatives raised more money than both the Liberals and NDP combined during the second quarter of 2022, with the Tories raising $4.4 million from 36,000 donors between April 1 and June 30. This as the party nears its leadership election date.

The Trudeau Liberals raised $2.8 million from 28,000 donors, while the NDP raised $1.2 million from 1.6 people.

The Greens raised $438,000 from 5,200 donors, while $247,000 was raised by the Bloc Quebecois.

The PPC raised $200,000 from 4,000 donors, the most for a party without any seats in Parliament.

While numbers are highest for the Conservatives, the party raised less than it did during the second quarter of 2021, a trend that is true with all federal parties, as rumours swirled at this time last year that there would be a fall election.

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