‘Constitutional Carry’ Bill Signed Into Law in Indiana

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Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb on March 21 signed into law a bill to remove the requirement to carry handgun permits, also referred to as a “constitutional carry” bill by some, in reference to the Second Amendment.

The measure, HEA 1296, passed by a 30–20 vote in Indiana’s Senate on March 8 after it passed the state House by a 68–30 vote on Jan. 11, both largely along party lines.

The law becomes effective on July 1, 2022, after which people aged 18 and over won’t need to apply for a license to carry a handgun in the state, except for reasons such as having a felony conviction, or having been diagnosed with a dangerous mental illness.

Indiana currently requires people to obtain a license to carry a loaded handgun outside their own homes, businesses, or cars, although people can generally carry rifles and shotguns without a permit.

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