Convicted pedophile Gary Glitter back in prison one month after being released for trying to access 'dark web'

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Disgraced 1970s pop star Gary Glitter is once again back behind bars a little over one month after being released from prison where he served half a 16-year sentence for the sexual abuse of three schoolgirls.

Glitter, 78, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was recalled to prison for breaching his license conditions after he was secretly filmed allegedly trying to access the dark web, reports the Daily Mail.

Mike Hames, the former head of Scotland Yard’s Paedophile Unit said that Glitter would always represent a danger to children, making a return to custody appropriate.

In an interview on Times Radio, Hames explained that Glitter was “not allowed to conduct certain things on his phone.”

“As far as Gadd is concerned, he is so dangerous and so fixated on his offending behaviour that he’ll never stop – he’s gone too far. He’s arrogant; he’s opinionated,” added Hames. “[I have] no doubt he’ll serve the next eight years of his sentence… He’ll probably die in prison.”

“He’s someone who’s always going to be a danger to children, quite frankly.”

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