Costco Customers Shocked by Price of New Item on Food Court Menu

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Think inflation still isn’t a real problem? Just visit your local Costco.

I’m not talking about the items on the shelves, mind you — although that’s a real enough problem on its own, even in a bulk-purchase store where you half expect to find two brand-new Kias bubble-wrapped together for slightly below MSRP.

I’m talking about the items on the food-court menu.

While a hot dog will still cost you only a buck-fifty there, it’s amazing how little $10 will get you if you want to be a little more adventurous.

On Sunday, a poster on Reddit alerted America to the $9.99 roast beef sandwich at a Lynnwood, Washington, Costco — and, according to Fox Business, that’s not going to get you a slab of prime rib between two slices of gourmet bread or anything.

Instead, the sandwich features “sliced roast beef with onion, relish, mayo/mustard blend, lettuce, roasted cherry tomatoes and red onions on a ciabatta roll.”

As Business Insider noted, this is a chain whose denizens caused an uproar over a $4.99 burger meant to mimic Steak Shack-style fare when it was introduced in 2017.

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