County officials to buy latest ‘homeless hotel’ without informing neighbors

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Sources have confirmed to The Post Millennial that officials from King County, Washington are working to purchase yet another hotel to house people living on the streets without informing the neighbors. This time, the property is located across the street from several schools and daycare centers.

The La Quinta Inn & Suites at 10530 NE Northup Way in Kirkland is located on the border of nearby Bellevue, Washington. This would be the latest in a series of multi-million dollar transactions to buy multiple hotels and motels in the county. More than half a dozen hotels have been purchased already and the county plans to use taxpayer dollars to buy a dozen more.

The sites have typically been accompanied by an uptick in crime, open air drug use, homeless activity and vagrancy. King County officials refused to discuss vetting and background checks for residents of this new facility that will be located directly across the street from schools and daycares. Instead they referred to an website for all their homeless hotels which said “Rules will vary by provider.” The site does not yet list the new location.

Many local providers operate “low barrier” facilities which means that residents in the shelters are not background checked and can bring in drugs and alcohol.

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