Court of Appeals Gives Kari Lake Great News on Her Election Case

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Arizona’s Court of Appeals has given Republican Kari Lake a procedural victory in her lawsuit contesting the results of the 2022 election for governor.

Lake came out on the short end of the counting to Democrat Katie Hobbs, who has already taken office.

However, Lake has maintained there were a number of election irregularities centered in Maricopa County, including printer problems that led to many ballots being rejected, as well as long lines at polling places. As a result, she is suing to have a new election held in the county.

On Tuesday, the court issued an order agreeing to handle the lawsuit as a special action, which Lake’s legal team had requested, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

“Our appeal was accepted on its merits. Which means, contrary to what @katiehobbs & her Pravda media say, the Court recognizes this lawsuit has value. Our evidence will be given due consideration before the court. That scares the hell out of Hobbs & Company. It should,” Lake tweeted.

Lawyers for Hobbs have until Tuesday to marshal their arguments against Lake.

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