Court Votes to Remove Voting Machines from Election, Turns to Paper Ballots and Hand Counting Only

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A county in Arkansas is joining a growing number of localities turning against electronic voting machines and going back to paper ballots as more and more Americans come to distrust the reliability and safety of voting machines.

A Cleburne County quorum court voted last week to end the use of the electronic vote machines and go back to reliable paper ballots, requiring all future elections to be hand counted, according to KARK-TV.

“These voting machines, which are really just computers, do not follow US or Arkansas election laws which clearly state that voters have the right to verify that their votes are properly being represented when entered into the tabulation computer,” Arkansas Voter Integrity Initiative (AVII) CEO Colonel Conrad Reynolds said in a Dec. 19 press release.

“We are told by election officials to check the names on the ballot summary card before we cast it into the tabulator, but the tabulator does not read the printed names on the ballot summary card – it only reads the barcodes. I don’t read barcode, so I cannot verify that my vote was properly recorded,” Reynolds added.

In Arkansas there is no state-wide process and state law allows each county to choose their voting process.

Cleburne County Justice of the Peace Jacque Martin said that there are just too many voters who have no faith in the machines.

“It’s time we take back and return to having elections we can have faith in – with transparency and integrity,” Martin said.

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