Cringe Super Bowl ‘He Gets Us’ ad slammed as an insult to Christianity

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He Gets Us just launched a new Super Bowl ad depicting Christians washing the feet of “diverse” individuals, including a woman at an abortion clinic, an alcoholic, an environmental activist, an undocumented immigrant, a participant resembling a Black Lives Matter protester, a gay man, and more.

“A white person washing feet at an abortion clinic, funded by Christians This is what infiltration of Western Christianity looks like” Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec tweeted.

“Whoever made this ad asked AI to be as woke and insulting as possible to Christians and this is the result” very online X poster Ian Mile Cheong quipped.

“Many of those who represent Jesus have made people in the LGBTQ+ community feel judged and excluded. And others in the Jesus community have simply ignored their stories and lived experiences” the He Gets Us website proclaims.

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