Cruz Reveals What Secret Briefings Said About Chinese Spy Balloons Under Trump – ‘Hundreds of Classified Briefings’

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At first, it was just a Chinese spy balloon flying over U.S. airspace that we couldn’t shoot down because of the risk to people on the ground.

But don’t worry, President Joe Biden’s administration told the world: We’re getting more data from it than it’s getting from us, so it’s a good thing in disguise.

Then, two more balloons had flown over U.S. airspace during former President Donald Trump’s years in office. “See?” the White House seemed to say. “Twice as many balloons under Trump. The weakness didn’t start here!”

Then, after numerous Trump officials came out and said there definitely weren’t any Chinese spy balloons visible to the naked eye that shut down airspace and forced the military to scramble its jets, the White House responded: Oh yes there were, they just didn’t know it. But we know now. We’re just not telling you how.

Rubbish, says GOP Sen. Ted Cruz.

In a Monday appearance on Fox News, two days after the balloon was finally shot down, the Texas Republican and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee noted he’d sat through “hundreds of classified briefings” and heard nothing about these pernicious balloons that were only detectable after Trump left office.

“The only place I have heard about this is through the leaks from the Biden administration,” Cruz told host Jesse Watters.

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