Dan Bongino responds to YouTube ban

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Free speech crusader Dan Bongino joined Fox News personality Jesse Watters on Thursday to elaborate on his feelings about being permanently banned from YouTube. “If masks work, why aren’t masks working?” was Bongino’s initial question that led to his eternal exile from the Big Tech platform.

Bongino was booted from the platform on Wednesday for what Google says was ban evasion, after previously being suspended two weeks ago for what YouTube claimed was COVID-19 “misinformation” regarding the efficacy of masks.

Initial moments of Watters and Bongino’s televised exchange dealt with commentary on how the establishment media apparatus looks much more closely at the Trump family’s business dealings, in contrast to what they see as a looser treatment for the goings on of President Joe Biden’s embattled son, Hunter Biden.

“Yet you got Hunter Biden, you know, blowhole painting guy, who’s making paintings out of his blowhole, selling them for $500,000 dollars, who’s taking payoffs from in their own words the Chinese intel chief guy, and the mayor of Moscow’s wife for millions, and the media is like, ‘Ehh. I gotta go get some McDonalds. I got better things to do,'” Bongino stated on-air.

The conversation turned to Bongino’s permanent YouTube ban and that’s when both he and Watters mocked the platform for taking so long to do it.

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