Daniel Penny’s Tattoo Shows a Stunning Biblical Struggle – Do You Recognize It?

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There is one small but critical detail about Daniel Penny that almost everyone seems to have missed.

Penny is the Marine Corps veteran who put career criminal Jordan Neely in a chokehold on the New York subway May 1 after the latter started acting aggressively and threateningly towards other passengers.

Despite the video clearly showing Neely behaving in an aggressive manner on the train, and despite witness accounts describing Penny as a hero, the left is still calling for his head, and now he is facing criminal charges in Neely’s death.

The amount of media attention that this case is receiving both nationally and internationally would be overwhelming for most people, especially given the fact that many powerful people in both the government and media have already come to a conclusion about it.

But if one looks at Daniel Penny closely enough, there is evidence that he is tough enough to withstand this challenge.

Several photos have emerged of a shirtless Penny in a forest, and although nobody has mentioned it, there is an interesting tattoo on his chest depicting a famous scene from the Old Testament.

It is barely visible, so most people will not notice it immediately, but on closer inspection, anyone who is familiar with the Bible will recognize that it is the C.E. Brock painting of Samson overpowering a lion.

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