Daryl Hall Gets Restraining Order Against John Oates Amid Mysterious Legal Battle

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The acclaimed pop music duo Hall & Oates are on the outs as the two men who dominated American radio for much of the 1970s and 1980s are adversaries in a mysterious legal battle.

According to a Wednesday report from Variety, the fight has gotten so ugly that lead vocalist Daryl Hall filed a restraining order against John Oates in Tennessee.

It is not clear why the two are fighting, but the report said a feud between the makers of hit songs such as “Rich Girl,” Private Eyes” and “I Can’t Go for That” escalated last week.

“Little information about the lawsuit is publicly available, as the court documents are sealed, but based on court records, Hall filed an undisclosed complaint against Oates on Nov. 16, as well as a motion for a temporary restraining order,’ Variety reported.

“The following day, the court officially issued a temporary restraining order to begin Nov. 30,” it said.

The Nashville Chancery Court confirmed a case involving the two men but did not elaborate on it as it is sealed.

Neither Hall nor Oates has commented publicly on the legal battle.

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