Dave Chappelle Pulls a Fast One on SNL – Producers Realize What’s Happening as He Delivers Monologue

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In 1977, up and coming New Wave rock star Elvis Costello took advantage of the comedy skit show “Saturday Night Live” actually being broadcast live from New York to inject some controversy into his set.

While performing as the musical guest, Costello abruptly stopped playing the song “Less Than Zero” and switched into “Radio, Radio,” a song which criticized the enforced conformity of broadcast media. The stunt got Costello banned from “SNL” until 1989.

On Nov. 12, comedian Dave Chappelle made a similar switch when he performed a different opening monologue than the one he had rehearsed earlier.

According to an unnamed source which talked to Page Six, “Dave does a fake monologue during the dress rehearsal, because he doesn’t want [‘SNL’ creator] Lorne Michaels, or anyone else, to know what his real monologue is.”

As the show aired live, Chappelle delivered uncomfortable, controversial jokes about Jewish people, Kayne West, Donald Trump and Hershel Walker.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

Chappelle opened his set by reading a statement: “Before I start tonight, I just wanted to read a brief statement that I prepared.”

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