Day after failed Kavanaugh assassination, protesters march by Amy Coney Barrett’s home

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The night after a California man allegedly attempted to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, protesters marched outside Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s home, where she lives with her husband and seven children.

The protesters wore t-shirts that read “pro American injustice system” and carried rainbow flags with the BLM logo Thursday evening. They marched in front of the justice’s home chanting, “Your neighbor says post-Roe, we say hell no!”

According to criminal defense attorney and legal analyst Jonathan Turley, “protesters are screaming into bullhorns to harass a justice because (Barrett) disagrees with them on the interpretation of the Constitution. Yet, even law professors have praised the targeting of the homes of justices and even become ‘more aggressive.'”

Early Wednesday morning, an armed man was arrested outside Kavanaugh’s home in Chevy Chase, a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC, after making violent threats towards the justice’s life.

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