DC children required to get Covid vaccination or face expulsion from school

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Washington, DC school students could face expulsion if they do not comply with the city’s Covid mandates, which state children 12 and older must get the Covid-19 vaccination ahead of the upcoming school year.

According to the Council of the District of Columbia website, “No student shall be admitted by a school unless the school has certification of Covid-19 immunization for that student or the student is exempted.”

For a student to be exempt, a parent or guardian must provide evidence that the vaccine would violate their religious beliefs or if a doctor shows that the shot could prove harmful to the child, according to Townhall,

Concerning expulsion, the Council’s website says “A school shall permit a student to attend for not more than 20 school days while the school does not have certification of immunization for that student” under section 38–505, Attendance without certification.

The student can continue attending school if they begin treatments within that 20 day window, and have a note testifying that they have begun receiving the series of Covid immunizations.

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