DC police urge Canada Goose wearers to keep AirTags in pockets due to thefts

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Police in Washington, DC have urged anyone wearing a Canada Goose jacket to slip an Apple AirTag into their pocket amid an increase in thefts of the luxury garments.

Via the coin-sized device, victims would be able to track their jackets in the event that they are stolen.

“I’ve seen people use them on tool kits, suitcases,” Commander Sylvan Altieri told Fox5 DC. “I think that’s probably the best thing you can do as far as if it gets taken, because it’s a nice way to track it.”

According to the outlet, there have been a string of robberies involving Canada Goose products, which can cost thousands of dollars, over the past few weeks, and in at least one case thieves targeting wearers of the jackets have been armed.

The situation has caused many residents to use extra caution when donning the coats.

“It is something I have to think about, just putting my jacket on,” said American University student Meera Hajarnis, pointing out that she’d heard reports of people stealing them from lockers and classrooms at nearby George Washington University and Georgetown.

“It’s a really scary situation, especially over just a jacket,” she added, before making it clear that she wouldn’t be frightened into leaving it in her closet.

This is not the first season the nation’s capital has seen the jackets targeted. As NBC4 reports, earlier this year series of thefts took place, some of which involved perpetrators stealing them right off people’s backs.

Canada Goose, founded in 1957 as Metro Sportswear Ltd, has for decades been the go-to garment manufacturer for those living and working in the coldest places on earth. In recent years, however, the jackets have become just as fashionable as they are functional, and in many parts of the world they are seen as a status symbol. 

As a result of increased demand, the jackets have gone up in price, with the company’s flagship model, the Expedition, selling for nearly $1,500 USD. 

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