Dem Lawmakers Sacrifice 2 Children, Tie Cops Hands in Worship of George Floyd’s Memory

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Two children in the blue state of Washington are dead after a suspected drunken driver went against traffic and crashed into them on Interstate 82 in a tragedy that could have been prevented by common-sense laws.

An hour before the horrific Feb. 28 crash, Washington State Patrol troopers had spotted the car speeding at 120 miles an hour, according to the Yakima Herald-Republic.

Investigators believe the driver, identified as Keith Goings, was either high on drugs or drunk at the time.

Trooper Chris Thorson, the patrol’s public information officer for the region, said a drug-recognition expert found that Goings was “under the influence of intoxicants,” and a sample of his blood was taken, the Herald-Republic reported.

Unfortunately, troopers were prevented from stopping the speeding driver because an inane 2021 state law inspired by the 2020 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody bans cops from vehicular pursuits unless there’s evidence the suspect committed a violent crime.

“Under current legislative law, (speeding) does not give us enough probable cause to start a pursuit,” Thorson said, according to the Herald-Republic.

Under Section 7 of House Bill 1054, police are banned from engaging in a vehicular pursuit unless there’s probable cause to believe the driver has committed a violent crime or a sex offense or is driving while intoxicated.

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