Democratic Lawmaker Shreds Her Own Party, Alleges Colleagues Are Bribing People to Take Her Down

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Georgia Democrat and State Rep. Mesha Mainor is fed up with her own party and called out other Democrats in Georgia on Saturday for putting the needs of illegal immigrants over the needs of black children.

Mainor tweeted that she is, “a sitting Democrat in the Georgia House of Representatives and the Democrat Party Establishment is looking to take me out.”

Mainor initially angered other Democratic lawmakers in the state when she was the lone Democrat to vote in favor of Georgia Senate Bill 233, a pro-school choice bill pushed for by Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican.

“I support parent choice because some parents have children in schools where their needs are not being met,” Mainor told Fox News Digital.

“In my district in particular, we have schools with 3% reading proficiency, 3% have obtained math proficiency by the eighth grade. And so to say that this is just how it is and that the kid needs to just suffer these consequences, I don’t agree with that. And I don’t think that all parents agree with that either.”

Georgia Senate Bill 233 would have provided vouchers in the amount of up to $6,500 per student that attended a school in the state’s bottom 25 percent in performance that would either help pay for private school tuition or home school expenses.

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