Democratic Presidential Candidate Accuses Party Officials of ‘Rigging’ 2024 for Biden: ‘They Don’t Even Pretend Anymore’

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Maverick Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on Sunday said the Democratic National Committee is rigging the 2024 primary season to ensure President Joe Biden secures the party’s nomination.

Williamson, an author and self-help guru, entered the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination process in 2019, but her candidacy never connected with voters. She ended her campaign in January 2020.

She formally announced her 2024 candidacy on Saturday. A day later, she appeared on ABC News’ “This Week” and spoke about her commitment to a public debate on the issues.

“This is a democracy,” Williamson said. “This is not about what I think is wrong. Obviously, I believe the American people should be offered an agenda for genuine, fundamental economic reform. And it should be the voters who decide. It should not be the DNC that decides. It should be the voters who decide. That is what a democracy is.”

According to an ABC News transcript of her full comments, she added, “This is not 100 years ago when a bunch of men smoking cigars get to sit around a table and decide the nominee.”

Asked if Biden should debate her, the candidate said, “He certainly should debate me. It’s called democracy. And I’m running as well.”

Williamson lashed out at the Democratic Party for changes it made to the schedule of primaries for 2024 that put South Carolina first, moving ahead of the New Hampshire primary and robbing Iowa of its status as the first Democratic contest.

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