Democrats Scrambling After Realizing Biden Shot Himself in the Foot – He May Have to Cede First 2024 State Primary

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A headache of President Joe Biden’s own making appears to be on the verge of graduating to a full-blown migraine.

Democrats and top Biden campaign officials are “scrambling” after the incumbent president could, somehow, cede the first unofficial contest of the 2024 Democratic primary race.

And it all could have been avoided had Biden not been so bad at managing relationships, according to a damning report Thursday from Politico.

To wit, the president could have the very embarrassing situation of losing New Hampshire by default because he might not show up on the primary ballot.


Biden and his top officials altered the Democratic presidential nominating calendar in a curious bit of favoritism.

New Hampshire has long been the first state when it comes to primary season, a tradition dating back more than 100 years.

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