Dems Handed Massive Defeat by Their Own Justices After SCOTUS Sends Rare Unanimous Letter

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In a rare unanimous decision, a letter published on Tuesday by all nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the Democrat-led plan to undermine the high court’s independence and affirmed that they would not submit to Congressional oversight on ethics concerns.

The letter was agreed to and signed by both the liberal and conservative justices, a move which WTVD described as a “rare step.”

That letter was then sent by the court to Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, a Democrat and also the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who had demanded that the court subject itself to appearing before Congress to testify about how the court maintains its ethics.

The court reaffirmed its commitment to voluntarily conform to a code of ethics, but refused to adopt any sort of new code of conduct enforceable by congress in the wake of new left-driven scrutiny of Justice Clarence Thomas.

The letter clearly shows that even its liberal members are not going to permit the Democrat Party to undermine their autonomy and submit to rule by the U.S. Senate despite the constant attacks.

In the letter, entitled “Statement on Ethics Principles and Practices,” the members of the Supreme Court said, “The justices … consult a wide variety of authorities to address specific ethical issues.”

“This statement aims to provide new clarity to the bar and to the public on how justices address certain recurring issues,” the justices collectively continued, “and also seeks to dispel some common misconceptions.”

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