Dems were fine enforcing Covid restrictions—now call Monkeypox measures 'homophobic'

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While the nation continues to try to move forward from the Covid-19 pandemic, another public health emergency seems to be brewing on the not so distant horizon: Monkeypox.

But while the restrictions imposed for Covid were roundly lauded by those on the left, who insisted that everyone mask and get vaccinated regardless of personal preference, calling those who refused “grandma killers,” or even worse, now that restrictions are merely being suggested to curb the spread of Monkeypox, cries of homophobia and discrimination abound.

With nearly all cases of monkeypox reported outside of Africa being amongst men who have sex with men, according to the New York Times, this has prompted leaders to suggest that this population cease or cut back on the number of sexual partners they have or sexual activities they take part in.

The World Health Organization even made the suggestion earlier this week, according to STAT News.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, monkeypox is an infection caused by a virus not so dissimilar to the one that causes smallpox, and requires close personal contact to spread, like through sexual activities.

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