Denmark ends COVID-19 vaccinations for anyone under eighteen

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Denmark will no longer be offering Covid-19 vaccinations to minors under the age of eighteen. According to the Danish Health Authority website, Denmark “phased out” the vaccination program against Covid-19 in mid-May.  

“Children and adolescents only very rarely have a serious course of illness due to covid-19 with the omicron variant,” reads the Danish Health Authority website, “which is why the offer of primary vaccination for children between 5 and 17 years will not be a general offer, but can be given after a specific medical assessment.”

Author Alex Berenson shared screenshots to Twitter with the announcement on Tuesday, “Denmark ENDS ALL Covid vaccinations for anyone under 18: ‘children and young people only very rarely become seriously ill from Covid-19 with the Omicron variant.'”

The screenshots, English translations from the Danish Health Authority website, say that beginning July 1, “it will no longer be possible for children and young people under the age of 18 to get the jab,” and beginning September 1, “it will no longer be possible to get the 2nd jab.” Individuals with an “increased risk” may still have the option to get vaccinated after an assessment from a doctor.

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