Department of Justice accidentally uploads client list in high-profile Sarah Lawrence ‘sex cult’ case

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The Department of Justice accidentally uploaded an evidence list of clients in the ongoing trial of Larry Ray, the accused Sarah Lawrence sex-trafficker, who is currently on trial in New York for a decade-long prostitution ring. Those who managed to see the list before it was taken down say that some of the people named are powerful political and corporate-world figures.

In 2010, Larry Ray moved into his daughter’s college dorm in Bronxville, after being released from prison. It was there that he managed to start up a cult that roped in his daughter’s friends into a life of servitude.

The Daily Mail managed to acquire a copy of the list before it was taken down. High-profile mentions on the list include: a former New York State Supreme Court judge, a female executive at The Gap (and her husband), a hedge fund manager who has his name on a New York museum, a DC lobbyist, an account executive at Amazon, a DC lobbyist, and there’s even a crossover with an investment manager who was mentioned in the “black book” belonging to Jeffrey Epstein.

A DOJ spokesperson admitted that a mistake was made. “Per order of the Court, government exhibit #3217 (GX 3217) was admitted under seal. This file was inadvertently loaded to the U.S. v. Ray file share. Please do not reproduce, share, or use this exhibit in any way, if you have downloaded this file, please delete it.”

Ray was eventually arrested in February 2020 after New York Magazine highlighted the story in April 2019. When officials found him at his New Jersey property alongside two other women, he was in bed with one of the purported victims. Ray was the legal guardian of this person and told authorities he was like a father figure to the females he slept with.

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