Deputy Responds to ‘Vicious Dog’ Report, Sheriff’s Office Cheekily Warns That Video Is ‘Terrifying’

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Plenty of horrible, heartbreaking dog attack stories have made it to the news lately, and most of the time the canine culprits are representatives from a small handful of breeds.

The link between publicized dog attacks and pit bulls is so strong that whenever people hear about a vicious dog, their minds immediately go to the bully breeds.

But not this time.

One Oklahoma sheriff’s deputy got the surprise of a lifetime when he responded to reports of an aggressive dog in the Deer Creek community. The resulting interaction was caught on bodycam video and shared online.

When the Oklahoma County deputy first pulled up to the scene and spotted a barking dog, the relief in his voice was palpable.

“Please, let this be the vicious dog,” he said as he opened his door and got out of his car.

As soon as his door opened, a fierce, tinny yapping could be heard clearly, and the deputy chuckled.

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