DeSantis Asks Florida Grand Jury to Investigate COVID Vaccine ‘Wrongdoing’

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Tuesday he will petition the state’s Supreme Court to impanel a grand jury “to investigate any and all wrongdoings in Florida with respect to the COVID-19 vaccines.”

“We’ll be able to get more information and bring more accountability to those who committed this misconduct,” DeSantis said. He said he anticipated getting the court’s approval and that the grand jury would likely sit in the Tampa Bay area. He put it in the context of the state’s recent $3.2 billion settlement agreement with opioid manufacturers and distributors.

DeSantis convened a round table of experts in a virtual teleconference in West Palm Beach. Taking part were doctors, researchers, or both, who found adverse effects from the vaccine but said they were silenced when they tried to study further or publicize the findings.

Some participants were affiliated with elite universities such as Harvard and Stanford. Two were Scandinavian researchers who joined the round table to discuss their nations’ radically different approaches to vaccine mandates and child masking, approaches now validated in light of their better COVID outcomes.

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