DeSantis Destroyed Newsom in Fox Debate: His 5 Most Brutal Takedowns

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Republican presidential hopeful and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis systematically destroyed Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday night during a debate on Fox News.

It was not just a debate between the men leading two of America’s most populous states, but a battle of two visions for a country that is woefully divided, in record debt, and no longer sovereign — not since President Joe Biden opened up the southern border.

Newsom defended the Biden administration throughout the debate, effectively tying himself to the president’s disastrous economic, social and foreign policies.

A capable debater, he appeared as though he might have a fighting chance early on. But before long, his strategy of making misleading statements, dodging questions and spinning the truth wore thin, and he appeared visibly frustrated.

DeSantis, meanwhile, relied on the facts to make his points for him. It wasn’t difficult, as moderator Sean Hannity introduced many topics that compared and contrasted California and Florida with statistics from sources Democrats tend to trust.

The numbers did not favor Newsom.

It got so bad that, according to Politico, the Democratic governor tapped out at the insistence of his wife.

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