DeSantis Receives Prestigious Award First Given to Abraham Lincoln – Outraged Protesters Mob Event

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Protesters in Philadelphia turned purple Tuesday at the thought of one of the nation’s most prominent red state governors coming into their deep-blue state to receive an award.

The Union League, which was founded in 1862 and awarded its first gold medal in 1863 to then-President Abraham Lincoln, this year honored Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, sending protesters into orbits of anger, according to Newsweek. On its website, the Union League said it was “founded in 1862 as a patriotic society to support the Union and the policies of President Abraham Lincoln.”

According to the Union League Heritage Center, the medal is “to be conferred on men who were regarded as deserving well of their country.”

There are countless millions of Americans who think that describes DeSantis, especially the Florida voters who handed him a sweeping re-election victory in November.

But progressives in Philadelphia don’t agree.

On Tuesday, activist Melissa Robbins portrayed DeSantis as the arch-enemy of black Americans, according to The Philadelphia Tribune, a historically black newspaper.

“Gov. DeSantis wishes to completely sanitize our country, our classrooms, [and our] college lecture halls of black history. Black history is American history. We cannot and we will not ignore the horrific atrocities that (have) occurred against our black ancestors on American soil,” she said.

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