Detransitioned woman tells Texas lawmakers no parent has the right to 'mutilate and sterilize their child' as state weighs ban on child sex changes

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A detransitioned young woman from Michigan testified before a Texas Senate Health Committee Thursday about the harm gender-affirming healthcare providers did to her when she was a mentally ill child convinced that she was transgender.

Prisha Mosley told the Texas Senate Health Committee holding a hearing for SB 14 that she was just 15-years-old when the transgender community found her and convinced her that she had been born in the wrong body.

Mosley said at the time she had already been diagnosed with multiple psychiatric disorders, including anorexia, borderline personality disorder, and trauma disorder. She said members of the transgender community, and her gender-affirming therapist, told her that undergoing a medical sex change would cure her.

“As an impressionable child, I fully believed this,” said Mosley. “I also believed that my sexual assault which happened at age 14, only happens to girls. I wanted to transition to be safe.”

Beginning at age 17, high doses of testosterone were injected into her anorexic body, at the same hospital where she was receiving care for her eating disorder and where she regularly received stitches for cutting and other self-harm behaviours.

“What I don’t understand is why they never offered me counseling, to help me with the depression, the trauma, the personality disorder, or my ongoing self harm.”

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