Detransitioner says she was prescribed testosterone after 30-minute call with Planned Parenthood

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A California woman has come forward with her detransition story after identifying as a transgender man for 15 years. Singer Cat Cattinson, 30, from Santa Cruz, Northern California, grew up as a female but identified as male from the age of 13. Cattison reveals that she obtained her prescription for testosterone from Planned Parenthood, after just a 30 minute phone call.

“I called Planned Parenthood, and had about a 30 minute phone conversation and then I was prescribed testosterone over the phone,” Cattison said in a trailer for the new documentary Detransition Diaries, set to be released this fall.

Detranisiton Diaries, by award-winning film producer Jennifer Lahl, highlights how medical professionals, therapists, counselors, and even school officials played a role in their transition by “affirming” their trans identities without question and shuttling them down the path of irreversible medical transition.

Cattison began her medical transition in March 2020 after struggling for years with gender dysphoria, but stopped due to experiencing “nausea and heart palpitations when taking testosterone.”

Cattison, who went by “Tony” had planned to have her breasts removed through an elective double mastectomy surgery, until she began to feel nauseous and experience heart palpitations when taking the testosterone.

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