Did Fox News Utterly Humiliate MSNBC Hosts at Tree Lighting? Are Lefty News Hacks Greedy Grifters?

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One of the things I decided over this recent Christmas season was that I would ignore the growing specter of the paganization of Christmas, er, “the holidays,” and just focus on Jesus and family.

And I tried to discard the commercialization, which has long been a problem. “Santa, Baby,” came on my radio and I turned it off  (just hearing the first few notes kept that stupid song in my mind).

But I decided to just ignore that stuff.

Problem is, it’s everywhere.

There was paganization and commercialization at MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” as Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough discussed a beautiful, tall evergreen tree awaiting a formal lighting.

It was not a Christmas tree. It was not even a holiday tree. Rather, it was referred to as the Comcast commerce tree.

The Comcast commerce tree! GAG!

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