Did Kari Lake Just Find the Smoking Gun? Cyber-Security Expert Drops Bombshell Clue in New Lawsuit

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In the ongoing court fight over Arizona’s November election, Kari Lake is raising the stakes.

The legal team for the Republican gubernatorial candidate on Tuesday asked the state Superior Court to review a decision from December that threw out her claims about printing problems that plagued the state’s most populous county on election day.

In an explosive filing that claims to have “new and compelling evidence” to back up a cybersecurity expert’s findings that happened in Maricopa County on Nov. 8 was the result of intentional misconduct that amounted to sabotage of the voting system on behalf of the Democrat who now holds the governor’s office.

The filing related to a Dec. 24 decision by Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson, which dismissed Lake’s argument that misconduct by Maricopa County election officials warranted challenging the razor-close results. (Lake lost to current Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs by only about 17,000 votes out of 2.5 million cast).

Another player might have thrown in her cards at that point — on that front at least — but Lake stayed in the game. And in the filing on Tuesday presented new evidence for the cybersecurity expert’s findings that Maricopa County officials had not only engaged in misconduct on Election Day, but lied about it during reviews of the process.

The filing rests largely on the findings of Clay U. Parikh, the same expert whose testimony failed was discounted in the December court decision. It presents evidence the Lake legal says was not available for the earlier trial, including a review of election center printer issues that was not released until April 10.

And if it holds up, it could well be the smoking gun clue that overturns the Hobbs election.

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