Disc golf group bans trans-identified male from California competition

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A trans-identified male disc golfer who sought to compete in the women’s division has been deemed ineligible to do so in a California disc golf tournament after the sport’s governing body appealed a court’s decision allowing the athlete to play, and won.

On Thursday, US District Judge Troy L. Nunley issued a restraining order initially deeming Natalie Ryan eligible to compete in the women’s division, according to the Daily Mail. Ryan has two career wins on the tour.

In February, Ryan filed a discrimination lawsuit protesting the Professional Disc Golf Association’s tightened rules, which stated that trans-identified males seeking to compete in the women’s division must have medically transitioned during Tanner Stage Two of puberty or before turning 12, and also required a low testosterone level, which would exclude Ryan from playing.

“It appears there was an intentional act, the creation of a policy, that excludes individuals based on their protected status as transgender women,” Nunley wrote in his decision, according to Outsports.

“The Court makes no determinations as to whether this is sufficient to actually establish intentional discrimination, but it raises serious questions.”

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