Discovery Made Near Dead Body of Epstein-Linked Clinton Advisor That Directly Contradicts Initial Report

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New documents have been released concerning the May 2022 death of former Clinton aide Mark Middleton.

Middleton’s family had fought to prevent the release of the police report of his death and succeeded in having photos of the scene held back, according to the Daily Mail, which had sought to have the information released.

Middleton has a potential connection to sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein because on seven of Epstein’s 17 visits to the Clinton White House between 1993 to 1995, he was signed in by Middleton, according to the New York Post. Middleton has also been named as a possible passenger on Epstein’s private jet.

The initial documents released said that Middleton, whose death was declared a suicide, was found hanging from a tree on his Arkansas ranch with an electrical wire around his neck and a gunshot wound in his chest, but no gun was found.

That all changed when another set of documents was released, according to the Daily Mail. The new documents said that a Stoeger 12-gauge shotgun was found about 30 feet from Middleton’s body.

The document from Sergeant Keenan Carter said Middletown sent a text before he died that said he had “found a perfect place for a nap in the sun.”

“Going to rest for a while. You are a great Mom and wife babe. Please be happy today and get some sun. It will make you feel better. I love you,” he wrote.

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