Disgraced ‘Non-Binary’ Former Biden Official Is Finding Out the Hard Way That Jails Are Very Binary

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Former Biden administration nuclear waste official Sam Brinton, who identifies as “non-binary,” is about to find out the hard way the rest of the world doesn’t cater to his gender delusions.

The 35-year-old LGBT activist grabbed headlines over his penchant for wearing women’s clothing and lipstick as in his job at the U.S. Office of Nuclear Energy, where he was the deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste.

Brinton’s world came crashing down late last year when it was alleged he was into more than just wearing women’s clothing.

People in three states said Brinton stole their luggage at airports, presumably so he could raid them for their contents.

It appeared the federal government had hired a kleptomaniac transvestite with claims of gender fluidity to make decisions about spent plutonium.

After he was hit with criminal charges in Nevada and Minnesota, Brinton lost his job with the Department of Energy in December.

Last week, he was arrested at his home in Rockville, Maryland, on charges of being a “fugitive from justice.”

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